Crescent City Crush

Crescent City Crush is a female empowerment project designed to show women that they can do great things. CCC aims to promote community over competition by highlighting New Orleans women who are crushin’ it and unlocking the secrets to their success. We hope to lift up crush worthy babes and connect powerful women through creative collaborations, starting conversations that will help us each take over the world.


The Crushes

Volume 1

Makeup Artist, Milliner, Drag Performer, Survivor, Krewe Captain, Costumer, Animal Rescue Advocate, Sparkly Magic Unicorn


Volume 2

Small business owner, jewelry maker, founder of the New Orleans chapter of the Barman’s Fund, B&B Owner, All Around Bad Mamma Jamma


Volume 3

Director of Community Relations to Council Member At Large Jason Williams, Founder and MC of NOLAW, Organizer of Nola to Angola solidarity bike ride, Singer, Ukulele player, and Cat lover


Volume 4

Scientist, Writer, Musician, PhD Student, LGBTPQIA advocate, survivor, tiny bundle of dynamite


Volume 5

Vintage Jazz Dancer, Yoga Instructor, Tap Dance Percussionist, Healer, First-Generation Latina, Breath of Fresh Air


Volume 6

Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Sex-Positive Blogger, Performer, Relentlessly Creative


Volume 7

Visual Artist, Collective Impact Strategist, Visual Marketing Creative, Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Are you Crush Worthy?

Crescent City Crush is on the lookout for crush worthy babes to feature. If you or somebody you know is kicking ass in New Orleans and can help inspire other crushes in this city, we want to hear from you! Email or use the contact form.

Want to help?

It takes a lot to make each Volume of Crush happen. From Locations to Hair and Makeup to Photography Assisting to Transcribing, Editing, and Web Design, to feeding the team on shoot days- it really takes a village! If you would like to help out with any of these tasks or donate to the cause to keep Crush running please email or use the Paypal button below to make a donation.